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Owner and Dietitian 

Hannah Byrne, MS, RDN, LDN 

Hannah is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in the New Jersey area. She received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Michigan State University and completed her master’s degree in dietetics and dietetic internship at D’Youville College. 


 In her early career, she worked in a clinical setting where she was exposed to a wide range of conditions. She then transitioned to private practice where she found her calling in working with individuals to meet their individualized goals. Seeing the progress her clients make brings her the greatest joy. On the weekends, Hannah can be found spending time with friends and family, her dog Finnegan, running, and reading.

“Hannah is a thoughtful and caring professional who truly puts effort into planning around her clients’ needs. As somebody who finds joy in meals, I was worried about restrictive diets. However, Hannah has been able to take my concerns into consideration while helping me reach my nutrition goals without sacrificing what makes me happy through an intuitive eating plan”

“Hannah has helped me so much along my nutrition journey. She is incredibly knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with! She really taught me how I can live a healthier lifestyle without cutting out the foods that I love. I am forever grateful to her and will be using this insight for the rest of my life! Thanks Hannah!”

“When I started working with Hannah I was really struggling with restriction and my body image. I was constantly yo-yo dieting trying to get back to the weight I was in college. I didn’t realize that the yo-yo dieting was affecting my metabolism. Hannah has helped me heal my relationship with food and I am now comfortable in my own skin and am making progress toward my goals.”

“Excellent! Made me feel comfortable and left me with actionable (and manageable” takeaways.”

“Hannah Byrne was always very professional when working with me. She was very thorough with my needs and always had a friendly demeanor :) Thanks!”

“Hannah seemed to understand my issues and makes me feel hopeful. I’m looking forward to getting feedback on my next appointment”

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Through our ERM, Simple Practice, you’ll book an appointment directly with Hannah to discuss your nutritional needs and best steps towards health.





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